Monday, 27 May 2013

Cats, cats, cats

I love cats. Really love them. Really really love them. They are the best.
So my stitchy purchases this month have mostly been all about the cats.


So, from the left there are my materials to make a cat bag like the one in the magazine (Cross Stitch Gold). You can buy a pre-made bag, but it was sold out and it wasn't I decided to buy my own stuff and make it up myself. Then I have a kit called 'Cat Guard' by Dimensions - this is a stand-up kit made with plastic canvas. He is stood on a pile of books :3 Next is a 'Welcome' hanger from Vervaco - as soon as I saw this I needed it *lol* I just love the cats chubby face! It was sold out for quite a while on Sew and So, so as soon as it came back in stock I bought it right away! Then I have a kit called 'The Cat Rules' by  Debbie Mumm Bows (Dimensions). I just thought this was a cute little kit and I like the patterns on the cats. And finally at the top I have 'Cat Sampler' by Heritage Crafts'. Again, I thought this was just a cute design and the verse is very true!

I've been working on my Antique Animal Sampler too - though I'm pretty disappointed with my progress :( I just didn't feel up to much stitching this past week. I have finished the bottom left corner and will be working on the top left corner today. I haven't taken a progress picture as I have my stitching in a really good position in my frame and couldn't bear to take it out! I have had to order more threads today for it as I've ran out of Schneckley and I'm almost out of Blue Jeans :(


  1. Miss Lilly, what a cutie blog you have! This little welcome hanger is just adorable! Can't wait to see your progress on this one! I'll become a follower soon (bear with me, my home PC seems to only let my hubby to get new followers...)

  2. Hi

    Just found your blog.
    I love cats too and your stash is fantastic!
    Happy stitching.

  3. You can't go wrong with cats! Looks like you'll be busy doing some fun stitching!

    1. :) I'm spoilt for choice with what to stitch first!


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