Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Mysterious Halloween Town Club

Finally work can begin on the Frosted Pumpkin's Mysterious Halloween Town club!

I am tremendously excited to start stitching on this! :D

This is my progress so far (I started yesterday afternoon)...

We have a little pumpkin and a cute fat bird!

My fabric looks very pale! I took this photo outside so it's quite washed out. I am using a most beautiful fabric from Sparklies. It's an opalescent called 'Oatmeal' and oh my goodness the sparkles *___*
Aaaand the edges are already overlocked so there was no fabric preparation required *___* I could just stitch :D

I think I could've gone for a darker fabric but I'm still most pleased with this one. Today I hope to stitch some more grass and some more pumpkins.

Is anyone else stitching this? How are you getting on?

Once Upon a Time - June

My, how fast the time is going!

The June block of the Once Upon a Time Sampler is complete!

It's the Princess and the Pea.
This block was fun to stitch - I love the colours of the different mattresses!

Here's how the whole thing looks so far...

Eeep! Half way there!

I wonder what next month will bring?