Sunday, 27 April 2014

Just Nan SAL April

Time for April's Just Nan SAL update!

Such a woeful amount of progress this month ^^;

Two bunnies is all I managed D: 
Really I should have finished this band before I started making granny squares...oh well...
It's not too bad that I've fallen a bit behind though as I'm quite a bit ahead of my original plan for this sampler ^^


Monday, 21 April 2014

Imperfect but beautiful

Oh wow!
I've crocheted my first proper thing!
Behold! My granny square!

I'm so stupidly pleased with myself *lol*
I never thought I'd get the hang of crochet, but today it just seemed to 'click'.
I've spent the afternoon so far working on this. I've had such fun I'm going to start on another one :)
I'm making a blanket, so I'll post more details once I've made some more progress. 

Still here!

Yes, I am still here :) 
Apologies for not blogging for so long.
I have a few health problems that mean that doing 'normal, everyday' things can be quite difficult for me at times, and recently has been one of those times.
I don't usual talk about personal stuff on my blog but I didn't want you to think I was bored with my blog ^^;

I have been stitching! I was going to schedule a few posts for each different thing but instead I'm going to a big long-ass post instead :D

♥ Once upon a Time Sampler ♥

April's block was Golidlocks and the Three Bears!

How cute are the little bears! They were fun to stitch. I stitched this block in record-time! It took two evenings.

Last month I mentioned how stitching the border a month at a time was turning into a real drag...well I decided to stitch the whole thing after I'd finished the three pigs.


It's good to see how big it'll be and I can focus on each monthly block now ^^

♥ A Consolation Prize ♥

I was intending to go to a craft show in May. I was refraining from buying stitchy stuff in-case I could find it at the show. On a weekly basis I was checking for more info on exhibitors and waiting for tickets to come on sale. Nothing! Then! At the end of March I went to check the organisers website and the page for the Liverpool show and gone! D:
I emailed the organisers and their reply was 'postponed'. Yep, one word and nothing else ¬___¬
So, I was quite upset because I was really, really looking forward to it.
Soooo.....I needed a consolation prize!


On the left is a Caravan Tapestry which I was planning to buy anyway (at the craft show...) so I thought I'd get that. And then I saw the sampler on the right *___* I can't help myself when I see designs like this! I love them so much! So I decided to get the sampler as a 'Consolation Prize' :3

♥ City Cats - Spring ♥

After I had finished stitching the Three Bears, my usual MO would be to start on my Just Nan SAL, as I like to make sure that all my 'obligatory' stitching is completed at the start of the month. However, the problem with this is that it messes up how often I can update my blog as the Just Nan post is at the end of the month. So this month, the month that I don't blog at all *lol*, is the month that I decided to shake things up. Just Nan stitching now takes place in the last week of the month. This meant that I could start something new!
It is Spring! Let's stitch something joyful and bright because it's spring!
And so I bring you, City Cats - Spring...

Not very 'spring-like' at all, but it does fit quite nicely with the dull-grey spring we've been having :)
I didn't really enjoy stitching this. It coincided with the aforementioned 'health problems' and this is really reflected in my stitches - they are so messy! And I miscounted lots...but I don't think it's that noticeable in the end.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm currently working on Just Nan's 'Queen of the Needle' so there will be an update on that later in the week. The next project that I have lined up is a much more spring-like Spring Sampler which I hope to start at the weekend.

Today, I am having yet another crochet lesson with my mum *lol*
I'm feeling quietly confident that it will go ok ^^