Monday, 21 April 2014

Imperfect but beautiful

Oh wow!
I've crocheted my first proper thing!
Behold! My granny square!

I'm so stupidly pleased with myself *lol*
I never thought I'd get the hang of crochet, but today it just seemed to 'click'.
I've spent the afternoon so far working on this. I've had such fun I'm going to start on another one :)
I'm making a blanket, so I'll post more details once I've made some more progress. 


  1. It looks great...good for you! I learned to crochet last year, and all I've really mastered so far is the Granny Square, but I LOVE them!

  2. My first granny square was only a few weeks ago and I was delighted with it as well. So I completely understand how you feel. It took me ages to understand crochet and then it suddenly clicked. I keep practising in case I forget!

  3. Congratulations! It's nice to have a second craft to keep you busy.

  4. Wow!! It looks great!! So want to learn crochet... but I would not have time to stitch & crochet...:(

  5. Awesome! I'm so glad you got the hang of it. I do believe this is beyond my limits ... LOL.

  6. Oh, CONGRATULATIONS!!! It looks great :) Grannies are super fun once you get in the swing of things! A row of them makes a great scarf too if you want to start out with something smaller ;)


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