Sunday, 27 January 2013

Massive achievement!

I can crochet!!!
I am so so proud of myself :) I really, truly never thought I'd be able to do it...and now I can! *tears of joy*

It's very scrappy and I have gone wrong in places..but still this is still awesome :3
This is just a bit of double crochet for practice, next I'm going to try treble!
What finally made everything finally click for me was this youtube video. I sat with a crochet guide and this video and just sat and crocheted along with her and tah-dah!

I've also done some cross-stitch this week.
I've stitched my piece for Secret Stitching Sweetheart and I've started this cute little kitten!

This is a Riolis kit that my mum got me for Christmas. The thread is lovely but weird...very fluffy...quite wooly but it gives a lovely finish ^^
It's coming along quite quick - I managed to get all that done last night!

Usually when I read cross stitch magazines I think 'oh that's nice...I'll save that chart' ...but nothing usually comes from it - I just have piles and piles of charts *lol* But this month there is so much that I really want to stitch! So much so that last night I made myself little 'project packs' that have the threads/fabric in them that I need for each thing I want to stitch. I'm going to get some more bits today so when they arrive I'll be good to go :)

Monday, 21 January 2013

The bug is back!

Ahhh my stitchy bug is very much back :3
This weekend I have managed to get two things stitched.

First up I finished the flower fairy card for my nan...

This was such a pain in the ass to stitch :( I'm not happy with the finish at all...

Then I stitched a cat card for my mum...

This chart was taken from Cross Stitch Crazy (not sure which issue) and was stitched on 16count light blue Zweigart aida using a mix of DMC and Anchor threads.
I really enjoyed stitching this - the cat is so cute =^.^=

So now that stitchy bug is back my knitting as fell to the wayside. I've actually found an error in the mittens pattern! Simply Knitting are going to put a correction up on their site soon so once that is released I'll be able to make a start again. I didn't manage to get any crochet practice in as I was having too much fun with cross-stitch.

I have joined up to the Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop over at Serendipitous Stitching. It's such a sweet idea! I've already chosen what I'm going to stitch so I just need to get that done. I'm also taking part in  Daffycats TUSAL. Now, I've always wondered what 'TUSAL' meant (Totally Useless Stitch A Long) and why bloggers make posts of bits of thread in a jar...and now I know ^^ I'm a pretty wasteful stitcher so even though I don't get through a lot of stitching during the year I think it'll fill up pretty quick..

On Saturday I received the catalogue from the Cross Stitch Guild *flails* Ahhhh there's so much that I want but I really need to level-up stitching first. I may get the sampler tote-bag as I've had my eye on that for a while and I still have my voucher from joining.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Adventures in knitting

Here is my first go at changing colours in my knitting!

It was surprisingly easy....I was expecting much frustration...but no...nice and straightforward really ^^
Now that I know I can do this I can start my mittens!
The tension didn't work out too well..but my Mother who is an amazing knitter assures me it will be if it all goes horribly wrong.... ^^;

I tried again to crochet yesterday...again a singularly frustrating experience. I have set myself a challenge to complete a 10x10 crochet square this week as there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to crochet. It is turning into a battle of wills!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Heart Mittens

Here's my next knitting project - Heart Mittens!

It says 'Quick & Easy' so I'm sure I can do this or at least have a jolly good go!

I already had some wool that I could've used for this project but once I saw the Sidar Softspun DK in the shop I just had to have it! The base of the mittens will be the black and the hearts will be the super-soft pink (I know it looks white but trust me it's a super pretty pink). I need to use 3 3/4mm needles which will take some getting used to after using the massive 10mm ones :(

I'm going to start this today - by starting I mean practising the fair isle and getting my tension right ^^

The Company Scarf complete!

Finished for winter? Finished for now! :D

I cannot believe how quickly this knitted up...I still can't believe I actually have a beautiful scarf that I have knitted myself...I feel quite proud :3

I started this last Sunday night and had it finished on Thursday evening. I spent just and hour or two each evening knitting so it was ideal as a beginners project.

It's so very soft and super warm which I really need right now as we've got something of a cold snap on the way! I really love how the wool changes colour with lovely blues and greens.

Now that I am a super experienced knitter....*ahem*...I have naturally decided on some super ambitious projects to try next. I bought the current issue of Simply Knitting and there are a few things in there that I'd like to have a stab at. I have chosen two projects - first is a cute pair of mittens and second is a big over-sized jumper. Not over-ambitious at all ^^; My mother and I went shopping for my supplies yesterday to Black Sheep Wools, a very dangerous shop indeed. A nice lady remembered me from last time so we had a nice little chat and she made some kind comments about my scarf ^^ We'll probably bump into each other again next time.

After my success with knitting I also want to try my hand at crochet - I had a go once and got so frustrated with myself but I feel more confident now so I'd like to have another go. My mother bought a crochet booklet yesterday by Paton's which has a granny-square blanket in it - I am very obsessed with the thought of having such a blanket. I have bought the new 'Simply Crochet' magazine - it's very pretty and the instructions seem very clear. There is a little heart and an amigurumi dragon I'm going to have a go at.

I've not completely forgotten about cross-stitch! I've made some progress with my Flower Fairy card and I'm going to start a little cat-themed thank-you card for my mum for taking me to the wool shop and helping me with my knitting ^^

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Flower Fairy card

I've not done any cross stitch since I finished Blossom Splendour. I really feel like I've lost the stitchy bug and haven't had the motivation to start a new project. I was having a little tidy up of my craft stuff over the holidays and I realised how many of the free kits that come with magazines I'd stashed over the I picked a few out that caught my eye with the intention of getting back to some serious stitching. Whilst deciding which one I was going to do I came across a Flower Fairies I really dislike fairies...I don't know what it is about them as I adore most other fantastical things. Despite my dislike...I decided to stitch it as my nan loves fairies and I thought it would make a nice thank-you card for her.

Here's my progress so far..

It's stitched on 16ct aida and there are a surprising number of colours for a free kit so it's taking quite a while to stitch. The fabric is too small to fit into a frame so I'm finding it quite difficult to work with and my stitches don't look very neat either :(

There's not much actual stitching left - then it's onto the back-stitch which will bring her features out..she looks so blank right now ^^;

This will be my fist time making a stitched piece into a card. The kit came with a patterned mount...thing which I'll just have to attach to a card blank I think...should have one of those lying around somewhere...

The Company Scarf

I have decided to knit a scarf!
I already have one knitting project on the go at the moment...but I've lost interest in it :( In the current issue of Company magazine there is a knitting pattern for a nice chunky scarf - I just love the texture of it. So I decided 'I'm going to knit this scarf!' It will soon be spring so that means I have no excuse for this not to be finished for winter...

Yesterday I went to buy my wool and needles...I can only hope that I don't get too into knitting as it could prove to be financially disastrous...there were so many beautiful wools *____*
I was originally going to knit the scarf in a deep red but got distracted by greens..I was first going to use a deep olive wool by Rowan but after much ooohing and ahhhing I went for the Stylecraft wool below because it was softer than the Rowan wool and it is all tweedy and beautiful *___*

The pattern calls for approx. 300g of wool and size 10mm needles. According to my mother this should knit up in no time :)
The pattern also says that the scarf will be about 2 meters long...that seems a bit long for little I may not make it that long, I'll see how it goes.

I'm aiming to make a start on this sometime this week...hopefully my hands will remember the motions ^^