Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Company Scarf

I have decided to knit a scarf!
I already have one knitting project on the go at the moment...but I've lost interest in it :( In the current issue of Company magazine there is a knitting pattern for a nice chunky scarf - I just love the texture of it. So I decided 'I'm going to knit this scarf!' It will soon be spring so that means I have no excuse for this not to be finished for winter...

Yesterday I went to buy my wool and needles...I can only hope that I don't get too into knitting as it could prove to be financially disastrous...there were so many beautiful wools *____*
I was originally going to knit the scarf in a deep red but got distracted by greens..I was first going to use a deep olive wool by Rowan but after much ooohing and ahhhing I went for the Stylecraft wool below because it was softer than the Rowan wool and it is all tweedy and beautiful *___*

The pattern calls for approx. 300g of wool and size 10mm needles. According to my mother this should knit up in no time :)
The pattern also says that the scarf will be about 2 meters long...that seems a bit long for little I may not make it that long, I'll see how it goes.

I'm aiming to make a start on this sometime this week...hopefully my hands will remember the motions ^^

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