Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Company Scarf complete!

Finished for winter? Finished for now! :D

I cannot believe how quickly this knitted up...I still can't believe I actually have a beautiful scarf that I have knitted myself...I feel quite proud :3

I started this last Sunday night and had it finished on Thursday evening. I spent just and hour or two each evening knitting so it was ideal as a beginners project.

It's so very soft and super warm which I really need right now as we've got something of a cold snap on the way! I really love how the wool changes colour with lovely blues and greens.

Now that I am a super experienced knitter....*ahem*...I have naturally decided on some super ambitious projects to try next. I bought the current issue of Simply Knitting and there are a few things in there that I'd like to have a stab at. I have chosen two projects - first is a cute pair of mittens and second is a big over-sized jumper. Not over-ambitious at all ^^; My mother and I went shopping for my supplies yesterday to Black Sheep Wools, a very dangerous shop indeed. A nice lady remembered me from last time so we had a nice little chat and she made some kind comments about my scarf ^^ We'll probably bump into each other again next time.

After my success with knitting I also want to try my hand at crochet - I had a go once and got so frustrated with myself but I feel more confident now so I'd like to have another go. My mother bought a crochet booklet yesterday by Paton's which has a granny-square blanket in it - I am very obsessed with the thought of having such a blanket. I have bought the new 'Simply Crochet' magazine - it's very pretty and the instructions seem very clear. There is a little heart and an amigurumi dragon I'm going to have a go at.

I've not completely forgotten about cross-stitch! I've made some progress with my Flower Fairy card and I'm going to start a little cat-themed thank-you card for my mum for taking me to the wool shop and helping me with my knitting ^^

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