Sunday, 27 January 2013

Massive achievement!

I can crochet!!!
I am so so proud of myself :) I really, truly never thought I'd be able to do it...and now I can! *tears of joy*

It's very scrappy and I have gone wrong in places..but still this is still awesome :3
This is just a bit of double crochet for practice, next I'm going to try treble!
What finally made everything finally click for me was this youtube video. I sat with a crochet guide and this video and just sat and crocheted along with her and tah-dah!

I've also done some cross-stitch this week.
I've stitched my piece for Secret Stitching Sweetheart and I've started this cute little kitten!

This is a Riolis kit that my mum got me for Christmas. The thread is lovely but weird...very fluffy...quite wooly but it gives a lovely finish ^^
It's coming along quite quick - I managed to get all that done last night!

Usually when I read cross stitch magazines I think 'oh that's nice...I'll save that chart' ...but nothing usually comes from it - I just have piles and piles of charts *lol* But this month there is so much that I really want to stitch! So much so that last night I made myself little 'project packs' that have the threads/fabric in them that I need for each thing I want to stitch. I'm going to get some more bits today so when they arrive I'll be good to go :)

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  1. Your crochet looks better than my first attempt which was embarrassingly bad. You will have to find some easy patterns now.


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