Friday, 1 February 2013

Kitten complete!

I have really levelled up my stitching speed...the kitten is already complete!
He is so cute x3

He was just such a joy to stitch! He reminds me of my dead kitty Lilly (may she rest in kitty heaven)...she was white and black but they have the exact same kissy-mouth :)

I have decided to further level-up my stitching my doing some of the 'Welcome to' kits from the Cross Stitch Guild. I decided to go for 'Welcome to Counted Thread'. The instructions are a load of rubbish - if I didn't have the Cross Stitcher's Bible (which includes this chart and full instructions) I would've been a bit lost. This is my first time stitching on's ok, no great difficulty and no great revolution.

Here's where I'm up to so far...

I love rhodes stitch! (the blue and red squares) I hate queens stitch! (purple mess). I need to do some more queens stitch *grrr* and then a four-sided stitch border.

I'm getting very impatient waiting for my new threads to arrive. I have lots of other things I can be doing/finishing..but I really want my new threads D:


  1. You've made a great start for your first attempt at linen.
    I don't enjoy Queens Stitch either. You could try using less strands next time. I use one strand usually rather than 2.

    1. Queens stitch is just so fiddly, but at least I can do it now :)

  2. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your kitty is gorgeous!
    Lovely knitting too.
    Hope your threads arrive soon.

    1. Thanks for visiting :)
      My threads arrived on Saturday. I'm spoilt for choice on stitching projects now :)


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