Monday, 4 February 2013

First try at blackwork

I have finished 'Welcome to counted threads'...

I'm pleased with how it's turned out. I especially like the four-sided stitch border. I feel like I should've pulled a bit harder but I'm always so concious of keeping a nice even tension when stitching it was hard to pull D:
I think I'll use this technique again as it's so pretty and would look nice as a border.

My threads finally arrived on Saturday but they stunk of smoke D: So I've had to do some febreezing and Cliniqueing of them...I'm quite impatient so I decided to start the  'Welcome blackwork sampler' from 'Itch to Stitch no.91'. It is stitched on 28count antique white evenweave using DMC for the black and Madeira Metallic 10 for the sparkly red *__*

I started the black-work bit yesterday and this is how it looks so far...

I originally started with just one thread but it was too delicate so I unpicked and started again with two threads and it looks much better as it stands out nice and bold against the gothic lettering.

This is my first try at's a little boring (not the biggest fan of backstitch anyway) but it is so pretty that it balances out ^^;

I should have this finished this week then I think I'll have a little break from stitching to practice some more crochet as I don't want to forget how to do it *lol*

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