Thursday, 8 May 2014

Granny Square blanket

My lonesome granny square now has some friends!

I'm really pleased with it :D 
It's a little wonky but it adds to the charm ♥
This is the middle of the blanket. I will go round and round the edge with the same colours until it reaches the finished size.

I am making this blanket from a kit that I got from Get Knitted. I think it cost about £15 and you get the pattern and yarn, which is Stylecraft Special DK - a delight to use! I'm not sure if I'd order from this site again as I had a problem with my order that didn't really get resolved...


  1. Wow!! You have certainly been busy :) Your little squares look great & your blanket is coming along really nicely :)

  2. Loving the colours as they are bright and a chirpy. You are right tho', it is a little squinty. However, you've managed the much more difficult technique of keeping it consistent and regular so I reckon that makes it an offset design feature to distinguish it from all the standard ones....! Looking forward to seeing it completed.


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