Saturday, 2 March 2013

Blackwork Welcome Sampler complete

Finally my blackwork 'Welcome Sampler' is complete...

This was a pretty heart-breaking stitch :( I had to stitch the left hand border four times... The first two times I just couldn't see where I'd gone wrong so I had to unpick the whole thing. The third time I found where I'd gone wrong but still had to unpick most of it...

But it's finished now and I'm pleased with it. I'm actually going to finish this off (for change!) once I've found a simple black frame. I'm then going to hang it in my (purple) porch...

After getting quite upset with that sampler, I decided to go for an easier sampler - 'The Sampler Tote Bag' from the Cross Stitch Guild. I'm stitching the design on a patch that will then be sewn onto the tote bag rather than stitching straight onto the tote itself.

The design is stitched on 20 count linen using three strands of thread. I love the muted colours. They remind me of those used by The Historical Sampler Company.

I would've liked to have stitched more but I've been decorating my bedroom and came across some unexpected problems so it took a lot longer than I thought it would :(

I'm also feeling the urge to start something a little more.... epic in scale...something I can really get into...but I've got so many little-stitches that I want to do...I'm so undecided.

I'm finding it difficult to keep track of my threads. So I decided to get an app to help - I had one for the iphone which was really handy so I thought I'd get one for my current phone. After looking at a few different apps I decided to go for the Cross Stitch Guild app. Awesomeness. Not only can I keep track of my threads, I can also convert them. I can keep track of fabric, kits, books, WIP's, UFO's and more *____* It would be super awesome if there was a similar thing for computers...just thinking of all the lists and organisation makes me excited :D


  1. Welcome is so pretty! Sorry you had to frog it so many times, but the result is beautful. I love the touch of colour

  2. What a lovely finish, congratulations


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