Sunday, 24 March 2013

Stitching round-up

Ugh. For some reason this past month every crafty thing I try to do goes wrong D: Also I'm back to my normal stitching speed (which is to say, super-slow), so I feel like I've got absolutely nothing done...

I have finished the sampler tote. After I had miscounted the border and had to un-pick it all. I seriously need to stop watching Miss. Marple whilst stitching. I just need to attach the stitched patch to the tote, which I am leaving in my mums capable hands as I am certain there will be a disaster if I attempt it ^^;

I have also made a little progress on my tapestry cushion front. I've forgotten to take a progress pic as I've tidied it away again but I managed to complete one small leaf. I feel more determined to finish this now I was stitching it for my room (which is now all pretty).

Because I was getting a little frustrated with cross-stitch (couldn't concentrate, kept going wrong etc.) I decided to do a quick stitch to get me back in the mood. I was excited for the latest issue of Cross Stitcher magazine as the free-gift was a wooden keyring kit...

Let us use the word 'disaster' again...

It is hard to stitch on wood! It is very slow going too - originally I was filled with the naive enthusiasm that I could stitch this in a day. That quickly turned to bitterness! (Quite dramatic today, no?) My stitches look messy - it was only when I got to the right-hand side that I had developed something of a technique. That was when I ran-out of blue thread. How I didn't throw the thing across the room I don't know as I had a major strop *lol* I don't have any colours that are remotely similar to this blue so I was torn with buying another copy of the magazine or un-picking and starting again with a blue I have lots of :/ After more stroppiness I'm going with un-picking and starting again ^^

Because I have an ever increasing 'to-do' pile, I thought that I would start taking one of the smaller projects into work so that I can have a bit of a relax at lunch. I've decided to start with a project for my room called 'Coming up roses'. The design is stitched on 28ct pink evenweave and I'm using DMC threads. Once complete, the stitching will go in a wooden hoop that I'll hang with a ribbon. It will be very pretty ^^ Here's where I'm up to so far..

Finally...this weather! What's happening at all please? I have a cold house (even with the heating on) so sometimes my fingers are too cold to stitch :( So I thought I would start knitting my heart jumper ^^

This is one full ball of wool! I love how super chunky knits up so quick.
This is the second time I've knitted this piece...I got to the end of the ball yesterday afternoon when I thought  it was a good time to decide that I hate my cast-on row. My usual method of casting-on, what I like to call 'the gun-method' does create something of a baggy edge. Normally this doesn't bother me but yesterday it massively bothered me D: So there was nothing for it but to unravel and start again... I didn't know any other cast-on methods so I had to learn a new one - I went for the 'cable method' and it does make a much nicer and neater edge. It takes much longer but the end effect is much better. I then knitted this up in the evening watching Harry Potter ^^

Hopefully I'll be less dramatic next week and will actually get some more stitching done :)


  1. Sorry to hear you will have to restart! But I'm sure the finish will be very cute in the end. Comimg up roses looks great too, with such beautiful colours.

  2. Sorry to hear the kit was such a disaster. If you email them they might send you some more thread. Your knitting wool is a gorgeous colour, very pretty!


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