Saturday, 16 June 2012

Pako thread organiser

I love to buy 'stuff' for my cross stitch addiction.
My latest purchase is a Pako thread organsier. This cost £13 from a craft fair I visited in April. I was half-way through The Castle at the time, so I'm only getting the chance to use it now.

Usually I use organiser cards...but when you have a lot of colours they can turn into something of a nightmare...threads get tangled, needles get lost...ugh!

So far, this has been a dream! My threads are being kept nice and tidy - you push them into the foam segments so they are kept separate and you can stick your needles in the foam so they're not going anywhere!

The organiser comes with about 10 of the cards you can see in the middle where you write your symbols down and when you've ran out you can just use card-board from cereal boxes and the like, so there's plenty of life in this device.

Highly recommended!

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