Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More cats!

I was at a loss for what to stitch next...all the things I felt like stitching...I didn't have *lol*
So I decided to have a look through my stash and see if anything took my fancy....and I found a kit that I had started months ago! When I first saw this kit I fell so in love with it that I just had to have it. After quite a struggle I managed to get it....started it....and then lost all interest :/
So I decided that this was a good as time as any to have another go at it ^^

The writing was what I had stitched months ago, the past two days I've worked on the panel below...

Eeeek bad lighting!  D:
Anyway, this took so long to stitch! There was a lot of colour changes and odd stitches all over the place :( There are also about five different colours used for the backstitch!
This is my least favourite panel of the design. It looks like a scary three-faced cat and it freaks me out D: All the other panels are much cuter ^^


  1. Now I think they are really cute! Can't wait to see the rest of it :)

  2. Cute little cat stitching! Well done!!


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