Saturday, 10 August 2013

TUSAL August 2013

And now for Augusts TUSAL post....

It's the same as last month! I am just a terrible stitcher D: 
My bear Perkin is making an appearance today. I thought it best to show something cute in place of TUSAL progress ^^

Anyway, not only have I been doing zero stitching, I have also done some pretty dumb stitching related things....

First up, I was actually kind of smart and bought the chart 'Sophie's Afternoon' by Brooke's Books as whilst browsing Sew and So I noticed that they only had two left and this had been in my wishlist for I had to get it. 

I just love it! 
So I was excited to receive it....I received a very floppy envelope from a place that wasn't Sew and So.... now, I'd also ordered something from ebay (more on that later) so I started thinking 'what have I done!' ^^;  I just opened it....and this was inside... excited to receive my chart....but disappointed at the quality :(  It's A5 in size and is printed on thin paper... It's already quite rumpled from just looking at it... :(

Second. Ebay. I love ebay. However my phone keeps logging me out and when I log back in it defaults all my search criteria. I found a kit I wanted for a reasonable price so went ahead and bought it. It was shipped out the next day. As it hadn't arrived yet I was double checking the posting date...and that's when I realised that I had bought it from Ohio. In America. Silly ebay for re-setting and silly me for not reading the details properly. So I have no idea when it will get to me :(

Third. Again me not paying attention... I have longed for a Madame La Fee chart for a long time but they are quite pricey...but last weekend after quite a poorly week I was in a frivolous mood (note that all these mistakes happened when I was in this frivolous mood) and I decided to just go ahead and treat myself. So I spent some time (over an hour) deciding on which one to get. I placed my order and have since been very impatiently waiting for to arrive all the way from France :) I got an email yesterday to say that 'as the front page says we are holiday so your order will be posted on 26th August' D: I could just die *dramatic*

The lesson to be learnt here? Pay effing attention :/

I have a weekend stitching goal to finish the stitching on my book! I am determined to follow through!

P.S. Apologies if the editing is a little off. I'm posting from my tablet so I'm not sure what will happen ^^;


  1. Ooops! Hope your purchases arrive soon! I've previously ordered from Madame La Fee & chart plus little freebie charm arrived safely :)

    1. :) I didn't realise you could order direct from Madame La Fee until I read your comment :( I've ordered from SoCreateStitch... next time I'll order direct I think, the MLF site is so sweet ^^


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