Friday, 30 August 2013

Small things

The Madame La Fee chart that I ordered arrived on Wednesday! I chose the design 'Petits Bonheurs' as the colour scheme is so pretty and the whole thing is just so whimsical. I feel I'm going to get a lot of joy out of stitching this.


I ordered the chart from SoCreaStitch. It was posted out on Monday and arrived on Wednesday. Super-fast all the way from France! The chart is in French but SoCreaStitch have provided an English translation should you need it. The chart also came with a beautiful key charm, two little heart buttons and a scrap of natural linen for the alphabet (bottom left of the design). I wasn't expecting this so it was a nice suprise ^^

Luckily I had most of the required threads - I was only missing four! The fabric was a whole other issue. I don't have a needlwork shop near me so I have to order my supplies on-line. For charts and threads this is no problem, but for fabric! Gah! Every picture on the internet for any given fabric looks a completely different colour so it makes it even harder to come to a decision!

The east part was what to stitch on - 32 count belfast linen from Zweigart. But oh what colour?! The instruction sheet provided from SoCreaStitch suggests 'flax' or 'cream'. After a long look on the internet I decided that this was far too dark! What had other people stitched this on I wondered? Some people had stitched on pink, which was very nice, but there's a lot of pink in the design which might become lost in the fabric. Pale blue? Very nice, but very cool, and to me this is a warm, comforting design. After much searching a decision needed to be made between 'white' and 'antique white'. There is a massive difference between the two... In the end I went for good old white ^^ The antique white was looking a bit yellow and I'd like this to be nice and crisp.

I can't wait to start! *___* Usually I'm a 'one-project' lady (UFO's don't count) but I think I'll be able to do this alongside 'Cats, Cats, Cats' as both are made up of separate panels/blocks, so once I've stitched a block on one, I can move over to the other.


  1. Have fun with this Madame La Fée project!!!

  2. A wonderful new project.

    Have a nice weekend, Manuela.


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