Sunday, 21 April 2013

Antique Animal Sampler

This past week I have developed something of an obsession with charts from American designers. I don't know why as I've never really paid much attention to them before...something just went 'snap' in my head and then I simply needed everything.

My first foray into this new world of stitching delight is the 'Antique Animal Sampler' by Elizabeth Needlework Designs. I will not lie - the biggest draw is that 'S' is for Silly Monster.


One of the things I really liked about this design was the colouring - I don't know if it shows up that well in the photo but the colours are just beautiful. You can use DMC, but the one of the cover is stitched with Weeks Dye Works so I decided I should get them to ensure I get the look I want. I was a bit hesitant at first as it cost £26 *eeek* but they are so so pretty. My favourite colour of them all is 'Gunmetal' which is the least flashy of them - it's a black-grey-muddy mess. There is also a colour called 'Schneckley' which is a nice word to say. The fabric gave me some major stress - I am not good when presented with lots of choice..I simply cannot make a decision :( The chart suggests 40 count beige linen stitching over one. Not happening. I went for 32 count linen stitching over 2. But the colour! Arrggghhh! I couldn't find Weeks 32 count in beige. Zweigart don't do beige - 'Flax' was recommended as a replacement. I have flax. No way was I going to use Flax. After about two hours scouring the internet for colour comparisons (very difficult with different monitor settings etc.) I decided to go with 'Antique Ivory'. It'll do. The colour of the fabric that I want, that is in my head, I'm pretty sure doesn't exist. This happens with wool all the time.

So! I am very excited to start this :D As soon as I have finished Sophie the cat I'm going to dive straight into this :3


  1. That is lovely, it is hard picking out linen colours on line isn't it?
    By the way I love the way your wooden keyring turned out. I must get mine out and give it a go, I think I might just use my own background colour from the get go though!

    1. It's a nightmare! I got all worried last night about it *lol* so I've ordered a lighter-creamier fabric to see if that would be nicer ^^

      Thanks :) Definitely have a go - I look forward to seeing it ^^

  2. That is going to look great and I love the colours too!


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