Friday, 27 December 2013

Feeling nostalgic

So, the other day I was trying to think of a way to make my stash a little tidier and not as spread out around the house...which resulted in me just looking through all my stash and dreaming of one day having the time to actually stitch it all ^^

I also 'found' my three UFO's. Even though I'm turning in to something of a serial starter I actually only have three UFO's, something I'm quite proud of. One is of Disney's Stitch (just need to do the background) and one is a HAED QS (so much to do!). The one that bothers me the most though is a design from Mystic Stitch...

When I first started getting seriously into cross stitch a few years back, it seemed as though everyone was stitching a HAED. I mean everyone. I didn't really follow any blogs back then, but the forum sites that I visited were full of HAED threads. It felt like you weren't a proper stitcher unless you were stitching, or had stitched a HAED. It was like a rite of passage. So I looked at the designs on offer...and none really appealed to me....what was I to do?! I also had the problem of no printer! So I would have to buy a physical chart and have that sent to me. It was as if the fates were conspiring against me. I would never be a true stitcher.

I finally came across a site that not only offered printed charts but would also 'kit-up' the chart for you. However, I could find still find no HAED designs that really appealed to me...and the thought of how much of a commitment stitching one of these was was a tad daunting... I did find a design that I liked was by Mystic Stitch but it was still suitably epic.

It arrived and I stitched and stitched and stitched my little heart out for months and months and months and this is how far I got...

It was so disheartening :( It was also very messy on the back and the front wasn't that great either. I didn't have enough stitching experience really to take on something like this. But it has always played on my mind that I just left it and never even made an effort to stitch more...

So I decided that now was the time. I had another look at it...and it was just too messy to continue...I found stitches that I had only worked one arm of the cross and some of my stitches were not all going in the same direction..oh it was just horrible! D:

There was more than enough fabric for me to start over, and I was going to grid it all out and work just one 10x10 block at a time...but I found some magic guide aida that was laziness won out (as always...)

I've been stitching for maybe two weeks? And this is where I am :)

Not too shabby eh? It's also a lot neater and much more enjoyable that when I originally started it ^^
I will probably finish the first page and then work on something else for a bit so that I don't get bored with it.


  1. I have to admit the restart does look better but that could just be the camera angle being deceptive. You have stitched it up really quickly though! Congratulations on your progress. xx

  2. I've started a few HAEDs over the years (it just seems like the thing to stitch, LOL) but I could never go more than a few hours stitching until I started on magic fabric. It's amazing! So much better than gridding (sometimes laziness totally wins). Your new start looks amazing. I'm impressed you had the energy to start again, I don't think I would. Looking forward to seeing your progress. :)

  3. Hello again Miss Lilly, I think you are brave to start again, but look at it so far, it looks really great. I am extremely new to your blog and I plan to start cross stitching for the first time ever very soon. I think I ought to try something small and simple as a first project. I had some embroidery thread gifted me for Christmas along with some Aida fabric with the Magic Guide that disappears when you wash it after the project is finished. I also have a magazine full of cross stitch charts, some for beginners (like me) and for the more experienced (like you)
    I am currently working on a crochet project so the cross stitch will start after New year.
    I think for your project it is a great idea to break it down into manageable chunks and to plan to do other projects alongside so you don't get frustrated with the enormity of getting it finished.

    1. Thanks ^^ I can't wait to see what your first stitch will be :)

  4. Well done! Shame you had to re-start it... but probably the best thing to do if it gets you back to the design and even more so, gets you wanting to stitch it again!
    Good luck :o)


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