Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ring O'Roses - the saga continues!

Again, long time no post ^^;

I have finished Ring O'Roses, my chunky cross stitch cover.

On my previous post on this project, I mentioned about the trouble I was having with the background blue colour. Well, I ordered some more from Sew & So....and they were the same as the ones from Hobbycraft...that is to say different from the ones I originally got from Sew & So... D:

I carried on...and you can see how very, very wrong it is :(

So there was nothing to do but un-pick all the darker blue and stitch it all again with the new, lighter blue...

If I'm honest...I prefer the lighter blue so it's not that much of a disaster really ^^


I hope everyone has a very happy Christmas!


  1. I think sometimes you take the risk in case it might work, but if it doesn't undo what you've done :)
    And well worth it too, it's beautiful!

  2. Oh no! All that unpicking! I suppose on the plus side it wasn't confetti stitching which would have been horrendous! The finished design does look gorgeous though with the lighter blue.

  3. How frustrating having to unpick all that blue! Still, the end result it worth it. The light blue does look better, and now you have a beautiful finish. :)

  4. Sorry about all the unpicking but it looks fabulous now!!!!
    Happy New Year!!!!


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