Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ring O'Roses

Of my two new projects, I decided to stitch 'Ring O'Roses' first.
It all came down to laziness in the end. To start the deer cushion meant that I would've had to get the sewing machine out to do the edges of the fabric...and I was just feeling far too lazy for all that ^^;

I had forgotten one very important thing though... I HATE attaching things to scroll frames. It is just the most tedious thing ever and it takes so long for me to do. But I got over it and this is where I'm up to ^^

Yes, so hold on ^^; I didn't start this yesterday...sadly I don't have magical stitchy powers. I started this last weekend, which is how I've managed to get so much done. My post from yesterday was a scheduled one... so the 'time-line' for this project has gone a bit messy ^^;

Anyway, it's coming along nicely. I'm not 100% happy with the coverage. I don't know if it's my tension or the count of the fabric...but it looks a bit 'holey' in places. I've used the count specified in the instructions so it must be my stitching. I'm sure it will look lovely at the end ^^

I'm finding it very enjoyable to stitch as the holes are so big! Very little concentration is required *lol*

I've come across a small problem though! I have ran out of blue wool T___T
Ahh, the very trauma of trying to get more of this blue. There is a wool shop near my nan's that sells tapestry wool, so yesterday I went there and they no longer had it on display. But my mother, ever one for a scene, asked if they still stocked it..out comes the shop lady with some crates full of little bags of tapestry wool that we had to search through...they didn't have the colour I needed, but after such a fuss had been created I felt obliged to buy some anyway. We then headed to Black Sheep and whilst we were in the area I asked to go to Hobby Craft as I know they sell tapestry wool. Success! I get home...and to my eyes...the new wool is a different blue to the blue I have been using even though they are the same colour code. This morning I stitched a few rows using the new wools...and the difference is minor...but I can tell. I would say they are two distinct shades of blue. Soooo I won't be able to finish stitching this today, which was my aim :( I'm going to order some more from Sew and So (which is where I got the original blues)...if they are different again..well I'm just going to lose my sh*t D: *ahem*


In other stitchy news! I have decided to join Zeb's (Keep Calm and Cross StitchJust Nan Stitch-a-long! I really like Just Nan designs and I've managed to amass quite a few this year (two more on their way!), and it was my aim to stitch one next year anyway, so joining the SAL will give me some extra motivation and I'll be able to see all the lovely things other stitchers do too! If you want to find out more about the SAL or to join please click the link above for more info. There is also a link in the side-bar too!

I have often seen the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe mentioned in blogs but I've never actually gone and had a look around. Kitten Stitching recently made a post about a give-away that was being held over at the Victorian Motto Sampler blog and a design caught my eye! Such pretty designs! I can't wait to see more of what they do *___*
I've entered the give-away myself - if you like what you see enter too! Maybe one of us will be lucky :)


  1. Holey? Baloney! I see no holes :)
    But then since you're the one stitching it you probably can pick out everything. I know I do with my own stitching! It looks simply lovely.

    And thanks for the shout out on the sal. It's looking set to be a super one with so many people taking part. LOTS of Just Nan goodness flooding the internet next year! :D

  2. Yay! I've joined the SAL too, it will be my first designer/monthly one :) I think your Roses are absolutely lovely, I've done some needlepoint in the past and loved working with the tapestry wool. Everything I did was tent stitch though (like only the first arm of a cross stitch). I'm so sorry you're having so many issues getting your blue, I'd be totally frustrated too! And it's such a lovely colour ;) I hope your order comes through with the right shade!


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