Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Made by mother

My mum is really good at making stuff.

Over the years she has made me many awesome cardigans.

Very recently she has gotten seriously into crochet and is forever making me little things - circles, mandalas, bookmarks, hearts, elf ears (she insists they are leaves, but clearly they are elf ears).

The other day she gave me something wonderful. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but my mother, she lacks the patience, so she 'had' to give it to me...

Isn't he fabulous! I think he will be called Francois.


  1. Awesome!!! Such skill & talent, I love this little froggies :) Congrats to your mum for such a beautiful finish x

  2. That frog is amazing. Well done to your mother.

  3. Francois is a very handsome man! What a lovely gift! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, he is adorable!

  5. Francois is super cute! I love his sparkly crown and rhinestone eyes :) I also love the African Violet granny squares that make up his body, I've had that pattern (the flowers, not the froggie) bookmarked to try myself for a while now :) I'd ask if you'd tried kissing him yet, just in case he turns into a handsome prince, but he's so adorable that I think I'd rather have the frog ;) LOL!

  6. Hello Miss Lilly, I found your blog through the 'recommended for you' option with bloglovin. I love to crochet most off all, I also do a little bit of knitting, however for the New Year I am going to try cross stitching for the first time. I hope you don't mind me following your stitching adventures and hopefully I will pick up a few ideas and tips along the way.
    I fully understand how your mum has 'gotten seriously into crochet', the same has happened to me. I haven't really tried making toys as yet but I have been making baby clothes for my new baby grandson. Francois is such an elegant fellow and I just love everything about him, as soon as I saw him the phrase that came into my mind was a saying from my childhood "you have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find your prince", Francois is a prince amongst frogs lol.

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog :) I hope to crochet in 2014 - I have tried in the past but haven't managed to quite get the hang of it... but I'm determined to make something in 2014 ^^
      Good luck in your cross stitching adventure! I hope you enjoy it :)


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